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OnlineCounsellor™ is a ground-breaking new web-based service enabling advisors or counsellors to provide short or long term confidential online support in a secure and supervised system, enabling you to connect with people seeking help and support.

It is an accepted fact that email is intrinsically insecure. OnlineCounsellor™ makes
no use of email whatsoever.

OnlineCounsellor™ enables you to provide a professional, easy to use, online service that gives new contacts total confidence in its security.

OnlineCounsellor™ helps you train, manage, supervise and co-ordinate large numbers of staff working from any location – enabling you to deal efficiently with high volumes of requests for help and support.

OnlineCounsellor™ Features

• Manage high caseload volumes
• Safe supervision and training of Counsellors
• Coordinate and manage work-flow efficiently
• Secure auto record keeping and audit trail
• Rich functionality
• Configurable to suit your organisational needs
• Counsellors can work from home or office at any time
• Links with SMS and help lines
• Cost-effective low investment

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